Thursday, December 15, 2011

Loyd, Anthony: My War Gone By, I Miss It So

This book adds something missing from most war reporting books: a sense of the author’s place. There is no doubt that witnessing war and speaking to people directly involved affects a writer, but most writers attempt to cover this up by maintaining an authoritative and impartial voice. For all their best efforts, opinion often bleeds through. Loyd takes a completely different, refreshing approach by chronicling his motivations for going to Bosnia, his feelings on the proceedings, and detailing the people and places he met there. By doing so Loyd turns himself into part of the landscape of Bosnia instead of the hovering amorphous cloud other journalists pretend to be. It lends an immediacy and real pathos that cultivates horror and repulsion in the reader effectively. Loyd's compassion and storytelling are unmatched. Bosnia was a new kind of war, the first real post-colonial post-communist implosion that may become commonplace in the world; it only makes sense that a new kind of war journalism should follow.

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